Trematon invests in UK real estate market

Trematon invests in UK real estate market

Trematon invests in UK real estate market

Investment holding company Trematon Capital has ventured beyond its Western Cape roots and invested in the UK real estate market via ASK Partners, a boutique real estate private equity start up, based in London.

Unlike other SA property firms that have invested directly in UK property, Trematon will enter the market indirectly. ASK operates in the private equity and lending space and specialises in sourcing funding solutions for residential and commercial developers in London.

“We think there is a particular window of opportunity in the UK market for disintermediation, in other words for non-bank primary and secondary lending to developers with excellent risk-adjusted returns,” says Trematon CEO Arnold Shapiro.

Trematon has made an initial equity contribution of £4.3 million. This represents a 40% shareholding in the Investment company and an effective 20% shareholding in the management company. Trematon has board and investment committee representation in both companies.

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Source: Moneyweb – Sasha Planting, 21 July 2017

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